What is Stashies?

Stashies is a small 420 friendly business, whose main goal is to make sure everyone has a place to "stash their stuff".

One of the biggest problems surrounding recreational marijuana use is storage. Whether your focus is storing for privacy, longevity, portability, or flat out just needing a dedicated place to store your kit, Stashies has got you covered.

The core of our concept revolves around our sleek, smellproof, compact Stash Bag, which can hold all of our accessories with room to spare. No longer will you have to deal with flashy or tacky accessories, because we made it our goal to provide a premium look and feel to every single one of our accessories which you can purchase straight from us as a part of your customized package.

We offer everything you need to get started with recreational marijuana usage, all the necessary tools like tubes, grinders, airtight jars, papers, lighters, trays, even a joing rolling device, all can bought right from us. No longer will you have to source multiple accessories from different locations and different storefronts, we wish to provide a consistent, streamlined experience to make sure you can get all your kit with ease, from one place.

Already have a few accessories of your own? No problem, our customized package concept revolves around YOU choosing what YOU wish to be included in your concept. We would hate to make you spend extra on items you already own.

Personalized Package?

At launch, you will be able to purchase a smellproof Stash Bag from us, and you will then choose from a host of our different accessories to include with your order. Our bag is essential, but maybe you arent in need of some accessories, which is why you are in complete control.

The choice is yours.

When Can I Buy Stashies?

Stashies is now available for purchase! Click shop now in the menu bar and see the product listing for our bag and all of our accessories. If you're looking to have a fully kitted out stashies bag, choose the "Complete Bag" option under the stash bag listing for the best value!

Thank you for reading, Stashies on top!
-Stashies Team